• Pick up transfer for check-in guests:

           Check-in guests (minimum of 2 nights) are entitled to have a free pick-up, but free pick-up is from 9 AM to 4:00 PM only. If it is before 9 or after 4:00 PM, we have a resort van charge of Php 700 per trip. Why 9 AM? If we pick you up before 9 AM, it is considered an early check-in. Early check-ins are subject to a charge per hour of early check-in. Remember, our regular check-in time is 2 PM. Why not after 4:00 PM? It is because our resort van needs to be back at the resort before 5 PM, to service our guests who would like to go to Alona Beach. You pay the Php 700 charge since most of the time, we would need services of another van company to pick you up.

           Your arrival details should be sent to our:
               Mobile Numbers: +639175532400 or +639176203182

            At least, 24 hours before your said arrival. Failure to do so, might mean that we will have difficulty in picking you up on time.

            Most of the time, our resort driver will bring a whiteboard sign with your name on it so it will be easier for you to find him in the airport or seaport. Kindly update us if there are changes in your trip details. See you soon!

  • Check out transfer:

            We don't do free check-out transfers anymore. If you want us to drop you off to the seaport or airport, we have a minimum charge of Php 700 per trip per vehicle. We can also help you book a tricycle / "tuk-tuk" for a cheaper alternative.

  • Alona Beach Transfer:

​            Since we are not a beachfront property, we offer a free Alona Beach shuttle to guests. We only do a schedule Alona Beach transfers daily. 

               From Veraneante Resort to Alona Beach: 5 PM only

               From Alona Beach to Veraneante Resort: 9 PM only

           It is scheduled in the afternoon because most of the time, guests are out on tour the whole day so when they come back they have the option to have dinner in the popular Alona Beach. One-way trip to Alona Beach before or beyond those hours are subject to a fee of Php 400 per trip per vehicle.

* We only have one resort van but we will do our best to cater to most of your arrival schedules as much as we can. So we kindly ask for consideration just in case our schedule will not fit yours. Thank you!